#7 – remember that there is only love

commandment #7 – remember that there is only love

hi, i’m amanda and i’m a lover. i LOVE love. it’s true! my life is filled with so much love that i find it hard not to smile when i think about it.

there are people in my life that i just could not live without. and i love these people with ALL OF MY HEART. of course my entire family falls into this category, but i also have a few special friends who deserve all of the love in the world. some i have known forever & others i have just met.

for me, it doesn’t matter how long i’ve known a person. i love people pretty easily… if you open up your heart to me, i’ll open mine to yours. simple as that!

i’ve had SO MANY friends come and go over the years. too many, actually. but at this point in my life, it’s important that i’m surrounded by the best of the best. i only have 3 or 4 best friends, but that’s more than enough. with friends QUALITY is SO much more important than QUANTITY.

there’s no reason to surround yourself with people who don’t love you. and when i say “love you” i mean truly LOVE you. they have to love you for who you are and NOT for who you’re pretending to be. because why would you want to do that?

it is so important to me that i’m allowed to be myself around my friends. my CRAZY, INSANE self. (some days i wonder how my friends put up with me…)

brittany, i’m sure you know exactly what i’m talking about. — yes, friends. i tend to be a little TOO loud sometimes. i’m a screamer. not a BAD screamer, i just get overly excited 😉

it is so much easier to love a person than to hate them.

i think that’s what the point of this post is. you HAVE to remember that there is always something to love about a person. i know it might be hard, but TRY. that’s all i can ask.

look for the good in everyone you meet. there’s gotta be SOMETHING there for you to love. just search… deeeeep. i promise it’s there.

when i think of the word “love” i think of my friends. near and far. it doesn’t matter how often you see them or talk to them. there are some people who i will love forever because they’ve changed my life.

here are a few of those SPECIAL people who have made an impact in my life:

let me start with alex… oh, where do i even start with this boy? he’s my everything. my cousin and my best friend, how lucky can i get? we’ve been best friends FOREVER. he’s my number 1 in this world. he and i do the most insane/crazy/random things together. things we could never share with anyone else (chicken on a dirt road, need i say more?) he makes me so incredibly proud. alex is the most amazing guy i know… i truly mean that. he amazes me everyday.  there’s just no other way to put it. smirna, anyone? love you al.

oh heyyyy my t4l lovers, brittany & alyssa. my friendship with these two crazy girls only started SENIOR year of HIGH SCHOOL. not that long ago at all! weird, right?! our friendship is so strong that you would think we’ve known each other since kindergarten. i have the greatest time with these two. we met in dance class and i am sooo glad we did 🙂 modern. yes. i’m not afraid to be obnoxious around either of you. i know you’ll love me no matter what! hahah oh britt & alys. (i never call you alys, just wanted to for this post) i love you girls! you’ve been there for me through ups and downs and i appreciate it so much. i don’t know what i’d do without you girls in my life!

sami. this friendship is proof that you can go FIVE years without seeing or talking to someone, and you can pick it up from there and it’s as if the friendship never went away. sami and i have THAT friendship and it’s stronger than ever right now. i’ve always admired this girl for being one of the strongest people i know. she knows how to be a friend. simply put. she’s just so wonderful and i can’t imagine my life without her in it! however, i don’t have any pictures of us?! WHAT. that needs to change, please! love you, oooper!

my kind sisters. there is no way i could write this post and not include each and every one of you in it. lauren, molly, samantha, jacklyn, kesley, emily, sarah, nicole. there are not enough words for me to describe how much you all mean to me. this is friendship at it’s finest! knowing that we will be there for each other NO MATTER WHAT…. now THAT is true friendship. it’s so refreshing to know that there are such kind souls out there! we may all be VERY far from one another, but that doesn’t matter. you all amaze me in the greatest way possible.

mary kathryn. i’m pretty sure i could write an entire post about how much this girl means to me. this friendship came about in the most random way possible… but i KNOW that God had something to do with it. it was meant to be. who in their right mind would fly all the way to north carolina to visit a stranger?! only me. but it was the greatest thing i could have ever done. MK, you have changed my life in so many ways. i could never thank you enough. you’ve taught me how to think for myself. you’ve helped me grow as a young woman. you’ve challenged me to do things i never thought possible. all those years that we weren’t friends, i was missing out on something amazing. i am just SO incredibly thankful that you are apart of my life. i love you so so so much. i’m a better person for knowing you.

becky… you are one of those people that i haven’t known for very long, but i KNOW this friendship is going to last forever. to say that you’ve made an impact on my life would be a huge understatement. you’re someone that i’ve KNOWN forever, but i never got the chance to know you until this year… and i am SO SO SO glad we’ve become such good friends! you’re one of the most wonderful people in my life. i thank God everyday for bringing you into my life. you’re just so special… a one of a kind friend! i look forward to getting to know you even better 🙂 this friendship is juuust starting, friend! love you!

heather, ashley & jenny. my favorite “triplets” 🙂 hard to believe we’ve only been friends for a little over a year! you girls have NO idea how much you’ve helped change my life. you’ve given me the tools to help shape me into a more confident young woman. you three make me want to be a better person! i truly mean it. you girls are some of the most incredible people i’ve ever met. i look up to you like my older sisters. i just love you all SO much!! thank you for being amazing.

there is ONLY love.

xox, A.


16 thoughts on “#7 – remember that there is only love

  1. Brittany says:

    LOVE YOU! ❤

  2. Sheri Hill says:

    You are SO lucky to have so many friends. How many true friends to do I have you ask??? 0, zip. I have had friends but they either treat me bad and use me and are done with me . Nobody want to be my friend. even you really. Do you? People see me as “diffrent” but I’m not. If people really got to know me I”m a really sweet , caring, loving person. But no one wants to find that. So I ENVY you for having so many friends that you love and cherrish in your life.

  3. Ashlee says:

    Thank Amanda! I feel very blessed to call you a friend! YOU are amazing! I hope that one day soon we’ll finally be able to meet irl. I love you so much!

  4. Heather says:

    Amanda! I am so blessed to have you in my life! I love you so much and I’m so proud of the woman you are becoming. God has AMAZING plans for you, even if things are unclear now.

  5. Sheri says:

    See how lucky ur to have friends? Wish I was that lucky. Even though I have a family I love, I’m so lonely. All want is friends or a friend to hang out with, be there for me.

  6. you. are. PRECIOUS.

    thank you so, so much for this.

    wouldn’t trade you for all of the thai food or mint sweet cream & cookies in all the world. you are amazing, amander, and i’m so, so glad our paths crossed.

    love you so, so, so, so, so, so much!


    • i love YOU so so so so much!

      you wouldn’t trade me for thai food?! that’s a whole lot of love right there… i’ve still never had mint sweet cream, but it must be amazing 😉

      also, can i just add that i love how you call me amander. it’s one of my fave nicknames for myself and you came up with it all on your own 🙂 you’re just so dang wonderful, MK.


  7. […] our friend amanda has started a blog. go read yesterday’s post. and i say that with no amount of shameless self-promotion at. […]

  8. Tay says:

    Ok so Mary Kathryn posted a link to your blog on her blog, and I decided to click on over…and I love this blog!! 🙂 so glad decided to take a click!!

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