#8 – don’t hide emotions and talk out the problem

commandment #8 – don’t hide emotions & talk out the problem

i am the QUEEN of hiding emotions. it’s sort of become a problem over the years. actually, it’s just gotten worse as i’ve gotten older.

when i was younger i had NO problem telling someone that i was upset. now? it’s like pulling teeth.

it’s funny because if something IS indeed wrong, people can clearly see it… by my facial expressions or the way i’m talking. but even then, i STILL try to hide it! HELLO, i’m not fooling anyone!

but why? why is it so hard for me to do this?!

talking out the problem is the healthiest way to deal with it! i’ve learned this recently and i think i’m doing a better job of it. i’m starting small. and by small, i mean that when i’m upset, i will say “no, i’m not okay” — but that’s basically as far as i’ll go. but it’s a start, right?!

i think i’ve done a better job of “talking out the problem” though! there are a few people in my life who i’ve opened my heart up to recently. they help make it easier for me to “talk it out” —- it is SO important that YOU find a person that you can talk to. it can be anyone… just find SOMEONE. you’ll feel so much better!

DON’T keep things in! sorting through what is really bothering you can be scary… trust me, I KNOW. but once you do that, you’ll learn things about yourself that you never knew.

that is all, friends. that is all! i’m keeping this one short and sweet!

on an UNRELATED note — I JUST PICKED UP MY CAP AND GOWN FOR GRADUATION!!!!!! oh my goooodnessssss i can’t express how bittersweet this is for me. i’m STILL not sure how i feel about it! i’m graduating COLLEGE?! in 16 days?!?!?! WHAT?!

okay i just had to share that little freakout with ya’ll.

oh, and here is a picture of my dorm room from freshman year, just for a little throwback. i guess you could say i have a SLIGHT obsession with audrey hepburn… oh, and here’s a picture of the gals i used to live with. once again, bittersweet memories!


hope your thursday is beautiful as ever.

xox, A.


6 thoughts on “#8 – don’t hide emotions and talk out the problem

  1. Becky says:

    Love Audrey!!! My mom likes to tell me that my middle name (Kate) is from Katherine Hepburn. Classy ladies 🙂

    And I’m proud of you for opening up!! Baby steps! xo

    • audrey’s my favorite! and you totally have the classy-ness of her!!! 🙂

      thank you for making it so easy for me to open up! baby steps is right! hope your thursday is going well!! xoxoxox

      OH, and have SO much fun on your trip!!!! i’ll be thinking of you the entire time!

  2. HopefulLeigh says:

    Starting small can help but also identifying your go-to people with whom you can talk openly and freely. I have a hard time opening up about my deeper issues, partly because I’ve been the Listener for so long and partly because I believe, for some reason, that I need to be strong and appear OK. I’ve been working hard on present-moment authenticity and going to my Safe People when I need to talk. It helps!

    • i would honestly be NO WHERE without my go-to people! i hear ya – i have a hard time opening up about my deeper issues too… it’s strange though, i open up a lot easier to strangers! i find it a lot harder to tell my closest friends what’s really going on. you may think that you have to appear strong, but know that you don’t have to. even the strongest of people need to lean on others too 🙂

      continue working on your present-moment authenticity! i love that! and yes, i agree, it DOES help. a lot! i hope you’re having a lovely “you” day! xo

  3. Tay says:

    I defintely struggle with this too! I know there is lot of people out there who love me and want to know about what emotions I’m feeling and what upsets me. I guess it’s just hard to share your heart and trust people enough.

    But, as you said, I’m getting better at it too!

    • it will only get better with time! it really is hard to share your heart with people… especially if you’ve had your trust broken before.

      you just have to make sure you surround yourself with people who love you 🙂 — which i’m sure you’re doing! i’m glad to hear you’re getting better at it too! we can work on it together. how does that sound!

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