a letter to my 13-year-old self

when i was in 6th grade, our health teacher made us do an out 0f the ordinary writing assignment.  our task was to write a letter to ourselves.  we could write anything we wanted… the teacher told us that she was going to mail the letters to us when we graduated from high school. 

a few weeks ago i came across that letter. the front side was everything i had writen, and on the back, my teacher put the lyrics to the song “world’s greatest” by r.kelly. i distinctly remember my teacher playing that song while we were working on our letters.

as you’ll soon see, i wasn’t much of a writer. i cared more about doodling little hearts all over the paper… typical 6th grade girl.

(i loved seeing my handwriting from back in the day — i used a bright pink, glittery pen… and dotted my i’s with hearts.)

dear amanda,

hi girl! wow, you’re graduating high school?! that’s crazy. i’ve learned some things in health class this year that i think you should know… first, NEVER get in the car with a drunk driver. it will kill you.

another thing i’ve learned this year is to not do drugs. those will kill you too.
make sure you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because those will make you healthy.

don’t let anyone change you. you are who you are. you have to love yourself. YOU ARE THE WORLD’S GREATEST.

xoxoxox, Amanda.


wow. what is there to say about that?! did i really write some of those things? why yes, yes i did. wise words from a child. most importantly, while i was reading this, it gave me the idea to write a letter to my 13-year-old self. if i wanted to tell my 13-year-old self anything at all, it would be that everything is going to be okay.

dear amanda,

you’re in 6th grade right now… i know it’s the hardest year you’ve had yet. your group of friends isn’t really “friend-worthy” and you’re feeling left out. you need to know: these girls won’t be in your life forever. however, some of them WILL remain in your life for a while… so try to be friendly with them as much as possible. always be your kind self.

7th and 8th grade will fly by so keep your head up. don’t worry about the bullies because you’re going to transfer schools and freshman year will be amazing!

but hold up… here is one thing you definitely need to know – DO NOT complain about your new school AT ALL… because your parents will think they’re wasting money for you to go to this school. and next year you’ll be switching back to your old school system. i know, that makes you nervous! of course it does! you’ll be back with the the people who once made your life a living hell. but i PROMISE you, it won’t be as bad as you think.

sure, you will eat lunch alone… everyday… for the next two years. but those years will go by fast. and you’ll realize that you don’t need these people in your life. they won’t mean anything to you in the future.  and these experiences will teach you so much about yourself! you WILL take these experiences and put them to good use.

also, during this time, you’re going to be faced with a few decisions. one is about dance studios. you’re wondering if you should stick it out at the place where you’ve been dancing since you were a little babe, or if you should switch to a new studio… one where you don’t know anyone.

SWITCH! yep, you won’t know anyone, but if you just turn on that charm, you’ll actually end up meeting your BEST friends! and these girls will be your best friends for the rest of your life! it WILL be one of the best choices you make. because you would be no where without these friends.

okay now you’re wondering ‘what happens after junior year of high school?!’ — i’m here to tell you, you will transfer high schools once again. and you will graduate with an amazing group of people. you’ll be happy. trust me.

then college will come around… you’re in for a big whirlwind of emotions here! you’ll end up at a college that was last on your list. actually, you never even wanted to apply because you hated it so much. it’s true, but… you’ll get through it. there will be A LOT of obstacles along the way during those 4 years of college.

you’re going to make some not-so-good decisions that will shake up your life in a not-so-good way. but just keep with it. keep being who you are. try not to change for anyone… because who you are is amazing and unique.

if i could tell you ONE thing… it would be to keep your head up. there will be bumps along the way, but there will also be a lot of GREAT times. try to focus on the positives and not on the negatives. you’ll run into some pretty nasty people, but they won’t be in your life forever. YOU chose who stays and who goes. you have that power. (you’ll also come across some AMAZING people who will change your life for the better.)

ask for help when you need it. i know you struggle with this… but PLEASE, don’t try to handle hard situations on your own. you’re strong, but not that strong. it’s okay. little amanda, you are beautiful and worth so much. you’re going to change lives someday. don’t let anyone take your power away from you.

you are loved. you are worthy. you are incredible.

love always,
your 22-year-old self.

xox, A.


12 thoughts on “a letter to my 13-year-old self

  1. Sarah says:

    This is SUCH an amazing post Amanda! Reading it almost brought tears to my eyes. If we could all go back to our 13 yr-old selves. Thank you for recreating that journey for me.

    • aw, sarah!! thank you!! i wish we could go back, too… there is SO much i would have told myself! i recommend writing a letter like this to yourself… it may feel weird at first, but it’s SO free-ing!! 🙂 thank you for reading my blog! it means a lot to me.

  2. Heather says:

    This was so beautiful! Thanks for sharing Amanda! 😉

  3. Tay says:

    Loved seeing a little glimpse into your story. Would love to hear more sometime! 🙂

  4. aw, LOVE this, amander.

    in college, the theatre-kids sort of wrote this play based on improv exercises. one of them was to write a letter to our younger self and another to our older self. both were revealing.

    i can tell you one thing…i definitely didn’t know then (12 years ago) what i know now…but i didn’t know then that i didn’t know what i didn’t know. 🙂

    love you so much.


    • oh mk, i looove this comment! i think i should write a letter to my older self again and keep it sealed until i’m, you know… old.

      such wise wisdom!

      ps: it is 6:18 on saturday morning and i’ve already been awake for an hour. why hello there, little coffee man.

      la la looooveeee you ❤

  5. Christine says:

    Your letter to yourself is so cute! I was afraid someone was going to steal mine; they just like put them in a box at lunch so we could find them. Someone stole my collage from 6th grade health class! I had to make a whole new one in tenth grade.
    I remember being bitterly disappointed by my letter; all I talked about was boys and the friendships I thought would last “forever” that back-stabbed me the next year. I’m glad your letter brought you such joy though 🙂 and I LOVE your new letter.

    • my letter actually came IN the mail, weird, right?! maybe it’s because i switched schools so many times and no one knew where to find me hahaha

      um i wish i still had my collage from 6th grade! i’m sure it’s somewhere in my closet… that thing was my life. health class in scarborough is so silly! (but i loved it just the same)

      you better keep your letter forever! even if you were disappointed with it… still a keepsake for you to laugh at in the future!

  6. laura h says:

    love this. i wrote a similar letter to myself and do every few years. hugs!

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