things i have learned from mary kathryn

as many of you may know, i have this special friend named mary kathryn. she was brought into my life through the wonderful, twitter, which then brought me to her ever so lovely blog.

we bonded immediately because we both share “tyson” as a last name. how can you not love a tyson?!

at first i thought it was just a random kind of meeting… but i soon learned that this was not so random. no, friends. mk was brought into my life by God. she had to be. we both knew it. there is no other explanation.

i need to give mk a little bit of praise here. this girl is phenomenal to say the least. i have nothing but good things to say about her. mk is just so… special. she’s one of a kind and oh so beautiful. her heart is so full that she invited a stranger to stay with her. she opened her home and her heart to me which not everyone would do.

i couldn’t think of a better role model. (i know, mk, you’re not loving this right now!) but it’s the truth. and i speak only the truth.

about a month ago, i took a trip to north carolina to visit this amazing woman. yes, i hopped on plane to nc to visit someone i’d never met. you might call me crazy, but i look at it as an adventure. a big adventure. i knew i had to meet her. this was so out of character for me that i KNEW it had to have been planned by God. why else would i do this?! He was calling me to go there.

long story short, this trip changed me in more ways than i could ever explain. you can read ALL about it in this blog post: HEREย 

it’s true, my life changed in north carolina.

the changes i experienced also put a toll on mary kathryn. it was so intense that it put her under a sort of spiritual attack. i still feel bad about putting her through that… i never wanted to be part of the reason for someone having a spiritual attack. it was never my intention. but it happened. i’ve put her in a few bad situations, which again, was NEVER my intention. but, i can’t take it back now.

because of this, i wanted to do a special blog post just for the one and only mary kathryn tyson. because as little as she wants to hear it, she DESERVES it. mk, i know you don’t like to hear it, but i admire you. you don’t have to believe it, but just always know it. please. because i do.

mk, you have given me the gift of God. He put you in my life for a reason.

a few big things have happened in the past couple of days. i won’t get into detail with them, but i’ve done things recently that i NEVER thought i could have done. which is how i got to writing this post.

mary kathryn has taught me the most important lesson in my life — TAKE YOUR POWER BACK. i had never heard this before. i had to disect these words in order for them to make complete sense to me.

take your power back.

what does that mean to you?

to me, it means that i need to STOP worrying about other people and focus on myself and my happiness. no one can make me happy except me. yes, this is SO incredibly hard for me to do. i’m not going to lie. it’s a daily struggle… but it’s getting easier day by day.

and in order for me to be truly happy, i need to start making some major changes. i’ve always been too scared to make these changes, until now.

mk has shown me the importance of facing my fears. head on. there’s not pretending. because we’re wasting time when we pretend that things are perfect when they aren’t.

mk has taught me about HARD LOVE. what is hard love, you ask? it’s different for everyone. to me, hard love is the kind of love that you DON’T want to hear.

the hard love is what i’m most afraid of. it’s the kind of love that tells me exactly what i NEED to hear, but not what i WANT to hear. and mary kathryn has given me that kind of love that only a true friend can give. it’s greatly appreciated, even though it’s hard.

my life is better because mary kathryn is in it.

i love you, sweet, sweet friend.



11 thoughts on “things i have learned from mary kathryn

  1. oh, sister.

    not me, jesus. it’s jesus.

    you are worth loving.

    and, sister…you are NOT The Least Bit Responsible for that attack. seriously. not. your. fault. at all. and (until now…ahem…) i have not one time felt you have put me in any uncomfortable or bad situation (i’m not even sure i know what you’re talking about, to be honest). you are learning and growing and becoming the best version of yourself, just like i am. it’s a privilege to do life with you, my friend. so, get over that. the hard love also says, ‘i’m going to love you even in the crazy.’ lord knows he has surrounded me in those times in my own life with people who have loved me through.

    thank you for this, precious friend. it is easy to love you.

    *you* are a *blessing*.


    • i know it’s jesus. but it’s you too… because you are the connector between me and Him. and i would be no where without that connection.

      i’m relieved to know that i’m not responsible for that attack… although i still feel partly to blame.

      you’re welcome. you deserved every word of this.


      • sister, it’s par for the course when one surrenders their own agenda for their lives for the cause of christ, and i would do it all over again if i had to make the same bad choices in order to know him like i do now.

        all that to say, it’s worth it. the spiritual attack – meh. it’s nothing compared to the freedom and the grace and mercy he pours out from the cross. for you, and for me.


  2. Tay says:

    I feel the same way about MK. Even though I have never met her, it sure feels like I do. Reading her blog just makes me feel like im sitting in her living room, chatting with her! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. HopefulLeigh says:

    What a great tribute to MK, Amanda! I’m excited to meet her for the first time this weekend and experience her wonderfulness for myself. There’s something special about online friendships that become real-life friendships, even before you ever meet in person.

    • i’m so excited for you to meet her!! sometimes i actually feel like i’m closer to my online friends than to my real life ones. it just shows that these friendships were never forced. they were chosen. and that’s what makes it so special! you are going to love her wonderfulness. โค

    • well. i am *equally* excited about spending the weekend with *your* wonderfulness.

      Your Wonderfulness.


  4. […] also not suggesting we let one another wallow in the mud like pigs. that is, we are responsible to hard love one another. that is, not to ignore or enable but to believe and see one another not as we are but […]

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