dance party

how about a really, really random post for today? not really feeling much of anything. so i thought this could entertain you.

really missing my best friends today.

that would be a nice little video of alyssa and i having a typical dance party in my bedroom. it’s funny, alyssa only lives 10 minutes away from me, yet we only see each other MAYBE once a month.

and then there’s brittany who goes to school in new york… i see her like… never. why isn’t there a way to travel quickly?! i hate not being around my t4l. (t4l=thrice for life. we call each other that. not sure why)

oh, you want another video? okay… here’s one of brittany and i doing the “double dream hands” dance. it was on ellen… we were kind of obsessed so we learned it and recorded it! hahahah feel free to laugh.

does anyone else like to break out into dance at random times? oh, i’m the only one? oh, okay! i miss dance classsssss!

xox, A.


2 thoughts on “dance party

  1. Tay says:

    Haha…I saw Double Dream Hands on Ellen a few months ago. So fun!

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