following your dreams

hello little darlings! i feel the need to do a post on all the exciting things i did this weekend! okay, they weren’t THAT exciting… but i loved every minute of it! i usually dread weekends. weird, right?! i always have. i’m not sure why… too much downtime. i like to go go go during the week!

i spent friday night with alex, of course. i spent every waking hour with him this past week and didn’t have any “freak outs” — i’m improving!! see THIS post to see what i’m talking about. i think i’ve lightened up a lot in the past couple weeks. we went to the movies & saw “something borrowed” – AMAZING movie, by the way!

on saturday i started my day by having a LOVELY little phone chat with my great friend, sami! we’ve been having morning chats lately and let me tell you… this is the PERFECT way to start a day! i never knew what i was missing. we seriously get on the phone at 8 am and laugh and laugh and laugh! i’m glad we’re both morning people! (love you, ooopers!)

after thaaaat, i went to SJC & took my last final of college! ALL DONE!!! (until graduation on the 14th!) crazy. i hate to think about it!

okay okay, the MOST EXCITING part of my weekend was saturday night.

i went to my uncle joe’s concert: “piano men – the music of elton and billy

oh. my. goodness. i didn’t really know what to expect… but WOW, it was AMAZING!!!! i’m talking like… PHENOMENAL!!

so basically, my uncle had this dream.. a vision… for a concert where he would put together a symphony and they would perform billy joel & elton john songs. to be honest, i kind of thought it would never happen (sorry, uncle joe! i don’t know what i was thinking!) like, i thought he was kidding and wouldn’t follow through with it.

but my uncle followed his dream (and THANK GOD he did!) — let me paint a picture for you… my uncle was the ‘piano man’ who sang all the songs and played piano (obviously). there was a full orchestra. and the drummer was liberty devitto. liberty devitto played the drums and toured with billy joel from 1975-2005! SO COOL.

i was shocked to see how many people showed up! MORE than 1,300 tickets were sold. it was a packed house. EVERYONE was dancing and singing along! i almost cried happy tears. not gonna lie!

my friends,  the point of this post is to learn to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. if you want something, GO FOR IT. no matter what anyone says. other people don’t matter. it’s all up to YOU and ONLY you. my uncle started with this little dream and look what it turned into.

i’ve never been one to follow my dreams. or my heart, for that matter. i’ve always tried to play it safe in life. and i truly regret that. i feel like i’ve wasted the past 4 years of my life and i don’t want to continue my 20’s that way…

this weekend really opened my eyes to the fact that there’s so much more world out there for me to explore. i don’t know what my next step is, but i’ll figure it out. i’m not going to waste any more time not living the life i want.

i want to be proud of the life i’m living. and i want to inspire others along the way. that’s what my goal is! and i’m sticking with it.

on a completely different note, happy mother’s day! i’m so lucky to have such a WONDERFUL mama. she’s my world. & my best friend. i got to spend the day with my favorite people. bbq & family time. my favorite ❤

xox, A.


2 thoughts on “following your dreams

  1. Tay says:

    Dont make me cry, Amanda! 🙂 beautiful post!

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