say it

i have a music recommendation for ALL of you!
her name is nicole vaughn.

and she is just absolutely lovely.
like, really…. LOVELY. and AMAZING. and BEAUTIFUL. and KIND.
(i’m talking about both her music and her personality.)

remember my post about the kind campaign coming to maine? well, my friends, nicole was with them on this journey. which is how i met her in the first place! she played a private little concert in my living room. i’m not sure if i’d ever heard anything so beautiful in my life!

she just released a new album called “say it” — GET IT ON ITUNES.. right NOW! if you’re my friend and you love me, then you will BUY IT!!

to me, nicole’s music is happiness.

it’s love.

and sunshine.

her words have gotten me through some tough times… and i find it comforting. her voice is unlike any other. maybe that’s why i love her so much! she’s one of a kind.

my absolute favorite evenings are those spent in my bedroom listening to miss vaughn’s music on repeat and writing in my journal. it’s pure bliss.  love.

her words give me hope. they provide light during a dark time.

when i did my anti-bullying presentations at my old high school for my independent study, i included some of nicole’s lyrics in my handouts (from the song “mere memory“) :

and the change, that’s gotta take place, well it starts inside ourselves. can’t you see, you must give to receive the love that we all seek. and sometimes i lose sight of who i really am. i let the world define me when i should be indefinite.”

those are some of my favorite words ever written. isn’t she amazing?!

i would say she is talented, but that would be an understatement. friends, nicole vaughn is PHENOMENAL. spectactular. a breath of fresh air! i’m a music lover and trust me — i don’t say this about everyone!!

if i had to give you one song of her’s to check out, i would recommend “fall” or “lucky me, lucky you” or “two cents” … okay, you caught me. i can’t decide! i love every one of her songs with ALL my heart! she’s just THAT good!

promise me you will check out her music. please? you’ll see why.

and also go to her website:

thanks, beautifuls 🙂

xox, A.


2 thoughts on “say it

  1. Tay says:

    She sounds amazing, and I always trust your recommendations! 🙂 I can’t wait to log on and hear some of her music.

    • hi beautiful! yes yes yes PLEASE check out her music. i have a feeling you will love her! oh and also… add me on facebook or something! you’re such a sweetheart! i’d love to get to know you better! 🙂 xoxox

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