the power of “I CAN”

bloggy bloggers! i’m finally ready to write a somewhat positive blog post. it’s been far too long since i’ve done this! my mind has been elsewhere, if you haven’t already noticed.

i think i’m back to my normal self (i hope…)

for now at least.

i want to share with you the power of the words “I CAN.”

yesterday i had an early morning workout session with my personal trainer. it was only our second session and i already found myself learning new things about myself!

new things like… i am stronger than i think!

i’ve been having extremely negative self talk lately and i was confronted about it. one of my first workouts yesterday was a plank. my trainer told me to do 30 seconds… and i busted out those 30 seconds!

on the next set, however, he asked me if i thought i would do more or less time… my answer? LESS. was it right? NO. that was the wrong answer!  he told me that you NEVER want to go into something with a negative attitude.

so what did i do? i changed my answer.

i said “okay. i will do MORE time on my next plank.”

and i did! but then… a little while into the workout…

i found that i was saying “I CAN’T DO THIS!” over and over again. i guess i didn’t really catch that i was saying it until scott, my trainer, pointed it out.

i was struggling a lot with the side planks he was having me do. for some reason, it’s really hard for me to do it on my right side. i had to do three sets of them and each time it got harder.

when the pain hit, i immediately fell to the ground and said “I CAN’T!!!!

my trainer stopped me and said the words i’d been needing to hear:

“amanda. stop saying you can’t. because you CAN.”

it was right then that i decided i needed to change my way of thinking. if you say you can’t do something, then chances are, you won’t do it. you’ll give up and never try it again. however, if you say “i CAN do this” then YES, you can!

it honestly is a mental game. “can’t” really just means that you don’t want to do it. that could be because it’s too hard… or it hurts too much… but when it comes to working out, you HAVE to challenge yourself.

this actually goes with EVERYTHING in life. if you say you can’t do something, it’s probably because you’re too scared. i’m guilty of this. i’m always the first person to run away from fear… and that’s not a good thing!!

we all need to face our fears head on. what is it that YOU are most afraid of? for me, i’m most afraid of failure.

i haven’t always been afraid of this… i think it scares me now because i’ve failed SO many times before that i don’t want it to happen again. — i’m talking about weight loss failures.

i’ve lost a ton of weight before… then went back to my old habits and gained it all back (and then some.)

for now, i just have to keep telling myself that:

 i CAN win this battle.
i CAN take control over my life.
i CAN reach my goals.
i CAN become the person i want to be.
i CAN have my dreams come true.
i CAN be happy.

and my friends… so can YOU.



One thought on “the power of “I CAN”

  1. Tay says:

    Oh Amanda…I’ve said this to myself several times this month. “I can’t go through my senior year without my best friend.” But, I am forgetting something. I can go through my senior year without her because I have Someone else. Someone much bigger than me. Much bigger than my best friend. Much bigger than this Earth. His name is Jesus.

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