bracelet giveaway!

hi beautifuls!

as a little kick start to the summer, i decided that i’m going to do a bracelet giveaway! as many of you know,  i make bracelets ( and donate all the money to the kind campaign.

here’s a (not so serious) video explaining the rules!  — i realize i say “so yeah…” a lot. i’m sorry in advance!

the winner will either get a beaded “BE KIND” bracelet or an elephant charm bracelet 🙂 — i’ll let you decide on bead color!

here are the rules:

  1. comment on this blog post OR my facebook status that has this link in it answering the question: what does kindness mean to you?
  2. or tell me about a time that you witnessed a random act of kindness.
  3. if you follow me on twitter, RETWEET my tweet about the giveaway.
  4. your answers MUST be in by friday, july 1.
  5. the winner will be announced next week!

and lastly, i urge ALL OF YOU to check out the kind campaign website — to see what these two amazing founders (lauren & molly) are doing to help change the world for girls. and while you’re at it… “like” kind campaign on facebook!

and… “like” bracelets by amanda leigh!

xox, A.


9 thoughts on “bracelet giveaway!

  1. Jenn Page says:

    Witnessing A RAOK…My family and I were in a CO Springs Wal Mart headed home from a FALLEN RUN/WALK at Ft Carson. We were in line 2 people back from a young mom trying so desperately to calm a newborn and her 2yr old…Always looking back and apologizing for the trouble she was causing. As the cashier finished scanning all her items and told her the amount she was digging in her purse looking frantic by now….the cashier was getting a be upset, the gentleman in front of us was entertaining the 2yr and the young mom told the cashier she didn’t have her wallet and only had $60 in cash….She must have left it at home before she saw her husband off for his 1st deployment…By then she was in tears. The gentleman over heard her pulled out his wallet asked the cashier to add his couple of things he was paying for it all! The young mother was pleading no no no and then she wanted his address to send him a check for what she owed. He told her not to worry about it….He knows how a military family struggles and it was his way to say Thank You for her service too. The cart was loaded up and the young mother crying her eyes out still trying hard to say Thank you hugged him. The gentleman gave her a salute and exited, my son helped the young mom out with her cart. Mom bought her items and we were all crying by then. When we walked out the the car I noticed the gentlman was parked next to us. He was crying himself. Asked if he was ok….He said he was just hard time for his family….He was a vietnam vet and they were traveling to Delaware to escort his son home….I knew what that meant His daughter inlaw was the same age with the same age children as the young lady he helped just hit him hard. He joked what was his wife going to say about a $348 purchase at WalMart for shampoo, toothpaste, cookies & 3tshirts…..We all laughed as he drove off…..that was 3 yrs ago and I think of that everyday…One little act of kindness goes a long way

  2. Amy Dadismam says:

    To me, kindness means taking the time and effort to show someone you care about him or her, through your words or actions.

  3. Gail says:

    Hey lady! Thanks for doing this sweet giveaway.

    Kindness means to me, treating everyone the way you want to be treated. And realizing that everyone is going through/struggling with something in their life and deserve to be treated with respect and graciously.

  4. Hailey says:

    To me, kindness means to do little things that show respect and love toward anyone.

  5. Josh Steele says:

    Kindness means alot of things to me… anything from just saying the right thing that puts that smile that lights up a room on someones face, to helping an elderly person carry groceries to their car, to just saying Hi to someone. Kindness is something that people rarely show anymore. It could be the difference of having someones day that is going extremely horrible and being the best day ever~! Random Acts of Kindness are contagious!

  6. jessica says:

    For me kindness means being a friend to someone that you don’t know, or even someone you love and just being genuine and wanting to make them feel special even if you don’t get anything back from them. Kindness is NOT selfish. (:

  7. Tracy says:

    Simply, kindness is treating others with respect, politeness, and thoughtfulness. Whether they are part of your inner circle or a stranger on the street, everyone deserves to be treated with kindness.

    On another note, being a high school teacher, I admire the work you have done around bullying prevention and awareness. Keep it up!

  8. Manda says:

    Kindness means realizing that you are not the only person in this world that is struggling with something. Taking the time to put others needs above your own. Going out of your way to make someone smile and being completely selfless! 🙂

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