goals and bracelet winner anouncement!

congratulations to HAILEY for winning the BE KIND bracelet giveaway!

Hailey –> please email me your home address so that i can mail the bracelet to you!! (atyson241@yahoo.com)

and thank you to all of you who entered… your answers were all WONDERFUL! some gave me chills. thank you for opening your hearts to me.  i love hearing what other people think of KINDness 🙂 my favorite topic of all time! you guys are the GREATEST!

i’m going to use all of those answers in one of my upcoming projects!

on an unrelated note: i was talking to a friend today… and he & i decided that we wanted to make a list of goals for our lives. we were going to start with summer goals, but i wanted to make it bigger and better (you know, kind of like i do with everything else in my life!) okay, i changed my mind… i’ll do a list of things i want to accomplish THIS YEAR. it’s just a start. i won’t include everything, because the list would be 27 pages long!

  1.  in one year, i want to lose 80 pounds.
  2. i will exercise at least 5 days/week.
  3. i WON’T make excuses as to why i can’t workout.
  4. i will keep a food journal daily.
  5. i will share that food journal with a friend so i am held accountable.
  6. i will get a job.
  7. after i lose 30 pounds, i will take a trip out of state.
  8. i will go to bed PROUD every single night.
  9. i will do at least one GOOD thing for myself every day.
  10. i will share my story about bullying in more than one school.
  11. i will raise $1000 more dollars for kind campaign.
  12. by the end of the year, i want to be able to say “amanda, you are beautiful.”
  13. i will change someone’s outlook on their own life.
  14. i will start some kind of non profit organization with one of my beautiful friends.
  15. i will meet my kind sisters face to face.
  16. i will go on some kind of roadtrip with ashlee, heather & jenny.
  17. i will go back to los angeles.
  18. i will find my true happiness.
  19. i will do a better job at NOT hoarding everything i own.

like i said, this is just a start. some of these are just fantasies, but i’ll make them happen!! it’ll be a pretty amazing year if i accomplish all of these.

no, not IF.

it WILL be an amazing year because i WILL accomplish all of these!

what about you? is there anything at the top of YOUR goal list? i urge you all to make a list like this sometime… all of these have been in my head for quite some time, but writing them made it real. now i’m responsible for making these happen.

and that EXCITES me.

i love having a goal and working to achieve it! that’s basically what life is. right? a series of goals. they can always be modified. a goal never has to be set in stone. it’ll just open your eyes to what you really CAN do.

and did you notice how almost all of my goals start with “i WILL” —> i normally would have written “i WANT to…” but WANT and WILL are two completely different things.

i WANT things all the time and i never go for them.

i WILL reach for my goals from now on… because i know that i deserve to live an amazing life full of happiness. we all do!! i have so much faith in each and every one of you 🙂

xo, A.


9 thoughts on “goals and bracelet winner anouncement!

  1. Tay says:

    Oh sweet Amanda, I am so thankful that I am able to be a part of this time in your life here on your blog. Hearing about your journey on your blog and on Twitter has been a real blessing. I am so thankful that MK brought us together! 🙂 You are an amazing woman full of strength, courage and wonderful goals. You are beautiful, Amanda!

    • tay my love!!! i feel like i’ve been SO distant lately and i don’t mean to be! i’m sorry 😦 i think about you ALL the time and hope you are enjoying your summer!

      your comments can always put a smile on my face no matter what! you’re such a lovely young lady! THANK YOU. for everything, my dear. especially for the encouragement.

      i wish you nothing but success and greatness in your future 🙂 you’re going to do GREAT things. love you doll! xoxoxox

      • Tay says:

        I think about you often too! I’ve missed your blogs posts lately, but I know that you are busy! 🙂

  2. Ashlee says:

    These goals are awesome! I especially like #16! 😉 I’ve been trying to think of new goals for a 26 goals before I turn 27 blog for my birthday next month. I made some last year, but I didn’t do very many of them. I love having “I WILL” goals instead of “I want.”

    • yes yes yes! i love the sounds of that 🙂 start with small goals that you KNOW you can accomplish… that way you won’t set yourself up for failure. we will do #16 ASAP!!! xoxox love you!

  3. Heather says:

    These are great goals! I like #16 too! I think we should pair it with #17! 😉 Love you!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Love love love!! I need to do this!!! So so proud of you 🙂 love you girl!!

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