los angeles adventures – uber crisp!

it’s finally here! my long awaited and much requested LOS ANGELES blog post!! as i’m sure all of you know, i went on a little mini vaca to california last week… and to say it was amazing would be a major understatement! i’ve been trying to figure out the best way to write this post… i feel like i have SO much to say but don’t want to bore you with the boring details!

how about i do a day-by-day recap? does that work for everyone? good.

thursday, august 25 : the california adventures started in the VERY early morning on the 25th! julia & i had to wake up around 4 am to head to the airport in boston. i was so tired yet soon learned that my hopes of sleeping on the plane would NOT happen. gotta love little kiddies who kick the backs of seats! okay so we got to LA around 12:30 pm that day. our first stop was the rental car place — i won’t go into details on this FIASCO. but just know that there were almost tears. not a good way to start a vaca 😉 but we worked everything out and then headed to santa monica! our first stop was coffee beanralph’s. we picked up some beautiful flowers and went to surprise julia’s friend who didn’t know we were on the west coast! that was cute — then we went to the santa monica pier and did a little sight seeing around there! that evening, julia, holly & i went to dinner in santa monica. delicious dinner + live music? LOVE. we ended the evening in the hotel. we crashed at 8 pm! we were EXHAUSTED from a crazy day of travel!

lesson learned from day 1DON’T get stressed about little bumps in the road. yes, there was a little problem at the car rental place, but everything DID work out in the end! i got nervous and anxious for no reason! i can look back and laugh at it now 🙂

friday, august 26 : is it bad that it’s taking me a while to remember what i did each day?! let me think… friday… julia & i started the day by heading to MALIBU! we went to the most amazing restaurant OF ALL TIME — paradise cove. you literally eat with your feet in the sand. heaven much?! after our amazing breakfast, we decided to go on a little adventure… we went to the BIGGEST LOSER RANCH. you know, like… the place where the show is filmed! this was literally a dream come true for me… it was surreal being there! after getting so far and not getting on the show, i never thought i’d make it to that place! standing outside of that gym gave me a new kind of inspiration. it’s a feeling that i can’t really describe. after visiting the ranch, we decided to take the scenic route down the mountains… HA, bad idea! i’ve never been so terrified! the view was absolutely BREATHTAKING, but the drive was scary! i believe we ended up on hollywood boulevard that afternoon… we were complete toursists! OH, and also… i had in-n-out for the first time that day! ANIMAL STYLE.

lesson learned from day 2 — standing outside of a building where heroes are made can change your life… i’m talking about the BL gym. it made me realize that the only tools you get on this show is a gym & some trainers. i can get that anywhere! the gym isn’t magical or anything. it’s all up to ME and all up to YOU!

saturday, august 26 : saturday was one of my favorite days of the trip! this was the day of the biggest loser casting call! to answer everyones questions — yes, i did sit at the table and did the audition, HOWEVER, i didn’t apply for the show! i just went to have fun and see my friends!  you have no idea how WONDERFUL it was to see everyone that day!!! i hadn’t seen them since finals week in may. i got to catch up with my favorites fom the casting team! shoutouts to my faves! although i didn’t get on the show, i still feel like i’m apart of the BL family… the casting team has turned into some of my greatest friends and motivators. LOVE them! also at the casting call, i had the great opportunity of meeting austin from BL 11 and adam from BL 10. it was kind of amazing because adam knew who i was! he said he’s “heard a lot about me” and it made my day! after the CC, i went to lunch with my friends and then back to the hotel for some pool time with the ladies! on saturday night, julia, jessica, nicole and i went to see my AMAAAAZING friend nicole vaughn perform! seeing nicole perform on stage was one of the highlights of my entire year. i completely fell in love with her music when she came to my house with the kind campaign last year. actually, i think i will do an entire blog post dedicated to this night… look for it soon!

lesson learned from day 3 — i learned that i am able to deal with letdown better than i used to!

sunday, august 28 : started the day off with breakfast at joan’s on third with all the girls! that afternoon we all went our seperate ways for a little while — i got to go to lunch with lauren and molly!! my kind campaign girls!! i was SO SO SO happy that i was able to see them on my trip!! this was the other huge highlight of going to LA 🙂 i’m going to do a seperate blog post about this experience as well! but lauren and molly, just please know that i love you girls with all my heart! that evening, julia & i decided to take jessica and nicole on a little surprise adventure! our first stop was the BL ranch again! they had never been so they were UBER excited! we went on a walk around the presidential mile area and did a little bit of stalking 😉 we went to PARADISE COVE for dinner and had the most amazing time! shoutout to the most amazing waitress EVER: candace! i don’t think i’d ever laughed so much in my entire life!

lesson learned from day 4 — i NEED to follow my dreams. i had two waitresses that day tell me that i need to move to california. if that’s not a sign, then i don’t know what is! i’m young. this is my time to chase my dreams and live the life i’ve always dreamed of.

monday, august 29 : monday morning julia and i went to TOAST for breakfast… it was a must-go on my list of places! delicious much?! that afternoon, the 4 of us went frolicking around beverly hills and hollywood 🙂 we also hit up PINKBERRY for some froyo! we ended the afternoon at manhattan beach and then said our goodbyes to nicole who had to leave that afternoon – such a sad goodbye! 😦 julia, jessica, and i went out for mexican food that night and had a very relaxing evening with drinks and a movie! it was kind of perfect 🙂

lesson learned from day 5 — every problem in life has a purpose. it might not be clearly visible, but it will come to you in time. on this day, i was still dealing with the feeling of a let down, but i got the answer in the form of an email. a weight was lifed off of me!

tuesday, august 30 : hmm tuesday… what a day! went to breakfast with julia and jess then cleaned our hotel room and headed to the airport… checked my bag, went through security and all that jazz then waited for the plane! … and waited and waited and waited! HA our flight ended up being cancelled!! soooo there wasn’t really anything we could do. we had to stay another night in beautiful los angeles! luckily, jessica had a hotel room because she was staying another night already. julia and i showed up at her hotel door and surprised her! she was SHOCKED. i wish you could have seen the expression on her face! priceless. we didn’t end up doing much that day! we ate (a lot…) and drank in the hottub. it was relaxing and so much fun! i loved having that extra night 🙂

lesson learned from day 6 — i really am able to get through a problem without stressing! i guess i grew a lot on this trip… but even with our flight being cancelled, i didn’t worry! the old me probably would have cried.. but i didn’t!

wednesday, august 31 : this was the day we officially flew back to boston! not much to say about it… we had a layover in dallas and everything went smoothly! i had a lot of time on the flights to reflect on everything that happened during the week and came to the conclusion that i was MEANT to take this trip. it happened for a reason. i grew up a lot in such a short period of time. i made 3 new best friends who will be in my life FOREVER. we were all meant to be friends. i’ve never clicked with people like that before! it felt like we’d known each other forever! it was just… amazing. i love you gals.

oh, and… the 4 of us are moving to LA in may. no big deal… but it’s official. xoxox



7 thoughts on “los angeles adventures – uber crisp!

  1. Tay says:

    wow. thats such an awesome account of your trip! sounds like you had a fun time and made some major life decisions! 🙂

    you are really moving to LA? you will love it! living in california is so amazing. i wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

    • hey presh! YES, i had SUCH a fun time!!! and the major life decisions part was amazing as well 😉

      i didn’t know you lived in california!! what part do you live in? yes, i really am moving there! i’m in love! xoxox

  2. julia says:

    You’re amazing. I love you sooooo much & I’m proud of your growth. xo

  3. Kristen says:

    Sounds like you had an amazing trip! When I went a couple years ago, we were in San Diego and I fell in love. I would love the opportunity to go back some day to check out other parts and it’s always been a dream to live there. Way to go on making the decision to move there! It’s a big step but chasing your dreams… That’s what life is all about at. This age. Shoot for the stars, girl!

    • hey kristen! san diego is on my list of places to go 🙂 we basically stayed up by LA the entire time… we didn’t run out of things to do! it’s just amaaaazing! you’re exactly right — we are at the PERFECT age to change everything up! i’ve never done anything adventurous and it’s time! need to follow my dreams and try something new 🙂 it’s exciting!

  4. SO FUN. love your update about your trip.

    love YOU.


    p.s. can’t wait to see you next month!

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