soul sister

have you ever met someone and after just like.. oh.. say.. an hour… immediately connected with them? i recently had an experience like that. with a very special friend of mine named lauren.

i’ll take you back to how this whole friendship unfolded.

a little over a month ago, (september 21 to be exact), one of my casting directors, holland, texted me about this girl named lauren. she told me that she wanted me to reach out to her because she thought we’d have a lot in common. we had both gotten far in the biggest loser casting process so i immediately knew she and i would have A LOT to talk about! she, like i, didn’t end up on the show.

i hadn’t even spoken to lauren yet, but i already knew the pain she must have been feeling in her heart. it was a pain too familiar to me… i knew i didn’t want this girl going through this disappointment alone.

so… long story short… i ended up sending lauren a quick little facebook message introducing myself and telling her that holland sent me her way! well, come to find out, holland had told HER about ME too, so she was expecting the message! which made it a lot less awkward on my end 😉

lauren and i exchanged messages and phone numbers.  i think it’s safe to say that a part of my life changed on that day

after weeks of chatting NON-STOP, lauren and i decided that she needed to come visit me in maine. and that’s exactly what she did! she booked her flight and a few days later, my “texting friend” had turned into a “real life” friend!

some people might find this a little strange… for a couple of strangers to just become friends like that… and to fly across the country to see each other. but it was anything BUT strange!

from the moment she got off the plane and into my car, it was as if she and i had been best friends for YEARS. for life, actually. it was just such a natural feeling… there is no other way to describe it!!

we spent the weekend doing tourist-y things around the beautiful state of maine!  i brought her to some of my favorite hangouts: fort williams, freeport, kennebunkport, portland, rira, flat bread, the lobster shack, rapid rays. to name a few. i took her through a typical day in the life of amanda!

my favorite part of the weekend was the afternoon that we spent at fort williams and the lighthouse. we literally sat on the rocks overlooking the ocean for HOURS. thinking… talking… and thinking some more. that night, lauren and i went to the beach near my house. we got all bundled up and sat in the sand in the pitch black. we shared our deepest and innermost thoughts.. our dreams… our fears. it was beautiful. everything about it was perfect.

i was able to tell her things that i’ve never told anyone before. my darkest secrets… and she was there with a listening ear. that evening on the beach, i ended up bawling my eyes out during our conversation. i don’t even know where it came from… i don’t cry in front of ANYONE. my first reaction was to cover my face, but lauren let me know that it was okay.

the tears began flowing when i thought about our friendship. how had i survived 22 years without this person in my life? i can’t imagine my life without her! she was only in maine for 4 quick days… what was i going to do with myself when she went back to texas? she was going to go back home, and i was going to stay here… alone and lonely. i could cry again just thinking about it.

i have had hundreds of friends come in and out of my life throughout the years, but none like lauren. lauren was specially placed into my life. God knew we needed each other.

there is no other explanation for this friendship.

people from texas and maine don’t usually just meet like that! and i very rarely have friends touch my heart in such an amazing way. she makes me feel like i’m not alone in my struggles and my fears.

lauren has gone through some of the same exact things as me. and for once in my life, i have someone who understands… a friend who understands what it’s like to be a bigger girl in this world. who understands what it feels like to want something SO SO SO bad and then get it taken away in an instant.

that right there is enough to create an unbreakable bond.

not a day goes by that i don’t thank God for placing this wonderful friend into my life. lauren is the type of person who is willing to listen to whatever is on your heart. she allows me to open up and lets me get everything out. she makes me feel comfortable doing it. she is just such a loving, kind, compassionate, caring and INCREDIBLE person.

lauren has become such more than a friend to me… she has become my sister.



One thought on “soul sister

  1. i love this! what a sweet friendship. so precious. i know i’ll love her because i love you so much. xo

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