23 before 24

with my 23rd birthday quickly approaching (this tuesday, 11/08) i’ve been thinking about all of the AMAZING things i got to experience in one short year. i actually think it’s safe to say that i did more THIS year than i’ve ever done. i definitely stepped out of my comfort zone and did things i never thought possible. it was an eye opening year. i learned a lot about myself! i had more heartbreak than i wanted… but in the end, i wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything!

  • went to a casting call for a tv show
  • flew to NC to meet my amazing friend mary kathyrn
  • made it as a finalist for the biggest loser
  • graduated college
  • flew to LA by myself & stayed for 10 days
  • went to LA for a second time with friends
  • met my soul sister. best friend, lauren!
  • ate grits for the first time
  • tried avacado and fell in love with it

… just to name a few!!!

& here is my list of things i want to accomplish in the upcoming year!

  1. get a job
  2. hike a mountain in malibu, ca
  3. meet up with ashlee, heather, & jenny in idaho or washington
  4. move… anywhere
  5. go to texas
  6. go back to los angeles
  7. fit comfortably in size 14 jeans
  8. go on a date
  9. meet some of my KIND sisters
  10. read at least one book cover to cover
  11. bake a recipe from pinterest
  12. get a tiny tattoo
  13. run a 5K
  14. donate a big sum of $$ to kind campaign
  15. go to a concert
  16. go to a rodeo with lauren
  17. go to a texans game
  18. buy a new pair of toms
  19. go to the today show
  20. stick with weight watchers for at least 6 months
  21. try eating fish
  22. visit brittany in philadelphia
  23. be vegetarian for a day


4 thoughts on “23 before 24

  1. Pearl says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a truly wonderful day!

  2. i love your list and that picture!

    aaaanddd i love YOU!


  3. When you come to Texas to visit Lauren, swing by Dallas and you can knock number 23 off your list – I’m vegan and I’ll show you some amazing places to eat like that here! I’ve recently lost 100 pounds…15 from goal…so I know a lot about where you are at. πŸ˜‰

    (been following your Instagram…Heba is a friend of mine (we met through Twitter because I’m a photographer)…adding you to my blog roll too!)

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