highlights from my trip to malibu

remember that time i went to malibu and told ya’ll i would make daily video updates? well, THAT didn’t happen. not even ONE video was made! i was really excited about that, too. but i just didn’t have enough time! SO, here is your one blog recapping the last 2 weeks!

i already updated you on the first couple days but i feel like there is soooo much more that i need to say! let me start with this:

my week in malibu & 3 days in arizona changed my life.

when i boarded my plane to malibu, i thought i was crazy for even going. my mind was racing. how in the world would i EVER be able to workout for 7 hours a day?! how would i survive on 1,200 calories?! how would i function without caffeine?!

i was filled with anxiety and fear of the unknown!

but you know what? as soon as i got out of the car and walked into the lobby of the biggest loser resort at fitness ridge, all of my worries were instantly gone. vanished. i was greeted by a number of people and felt at home within the first 5 minutes!

i was treated like royalty by the staff from that moment on.  i didn’t have to lift a finger! (except in the gym where i lifted a lot more than a finger!)

here are some of the highlights of my vacation:

hiking — oh hiking. we had such a love/hate relationship. by the end of day 2 i was ready to give up. i went to this resort to challenge myself so i asked to join van 4. i was originally in van 1 and wasn’t aware that moving up a couple groups would be such a drastic change! but you know what? i am SO glad i did!! this was the best decision i made all week. the people in my group have become life long friends: courtney, heather, kim, keith. we were the “back of the van” people. i couldn’t have gotten through the hikes without their support! they were there for me when i wanted to give up. they literally pushed me to my limits and beyond. thursday was the hardest hike for me. i wish i could remember which hike it was… it might have been ocean view? they all kind of blend together. but this particular hike KILLED me. i was in the very back of the group and couldn’t keep up with them for the life of me. it was uphill the entire way and i kept saying “i can’t do this” — but i DID do it.

(i need to give credit to my amazing hiking guide from that day, zoe. she stayed in the back with me and wouldn’t let me give up. she was doing everything in her power to get my mind off the pain i was feeling. she asked me ridiculous questions and it actually worked! with her help, i was able to finish that hike without giving up!)

stretch class — one of my favorite times of the day. it came right after the hike and oh booooyyy did i need that! my muscles were usually so sore following the hike that stretching had never felt better! oh and not to mention the AMAZING music that was played during this class — there was some mumford & sons and the civil wars! love.

breakfast, lunch & dinner — as i mentioned before, we were eating an average of 1,200 calories per day. at home i was probably eating close to double this amount! the amazing part? i was NEVER hungry. the food was absolutely incredible and i left every single mean completely satisfied! my favorites from the week were: shepards pie, chocolate covered strawberries, dessert parfait, turkey burger, chicken & rice bowl and ALL of the soups. okay, i basically loved everything they served me!

the parsnip soup (aka parsnip snoup) was fabulous. (i don’t even know what parsnips are to be completely honest!) and the tomato soup was to die for! and also the calliflower soup!! SO delicious. the head chef and all of the kitchen staff were the GREATEST. absolutely no complaints!

the support system — i think the best part about my stay at the BLR was the friendships i made. these people are going to be in my life forever. most of them know what its like to struggle with weight and i felt this unspoken bond with them because of it. no, none of us are perfect, but we are doing everything in our power to make sure we make ourselves proud each and every day.

i’ve always struggled with giving myself credit for the things i accomplish… but the people at the resort changed that! i can’t even describe the pride i felt in the gym on a daily basis. the support was over flowing. i could cry just thinking about it!

**FAVORITE HIGHLIGHT: we’d do this thing in the gym where half of the group sprints as fast as they can for 1 minute while the other half yells and screams and cheers us on as loud as they can. (i really am getting choked up right now!) — every single one of us in that gym pushed as hard as we could! all pain and injuries were put aside and for that ONE minute, we were UNSTOPPABLE. we were PROUD.

i wish i could have gotten moments like that on video. i will never forget that feeling of pure joy and happiness. there were high fives and hugs all around the room. i felt on top of the world.

the biggest thing i took away from the biggest loser resort is that i can do ANYTHING i put my mind to. i no longer say “i CAN’T” anymore because i know i CAN. and i know YOU can, too! it’s all in our minds. it’s a mental game. physically, we can do anything for a minute. you just have to decide that you WANT to.

for example, i was scared to death of the jacobs ladder. i’d never used that machine before! i’d only seen it on the biggest loser show… but on saturday, arthur told me to get on it. he demanded. so i did. his goal for me was 30 seconds… i went BEYOND one minute without wanting to give up!

i have complete faith that YOU and myself can reach our goals. we are capable of so much more than we think. just remember that when you want to give up, DON’T. because there is more fight left inside of you! push to your limits then push a little more past that! you’ll be shocked at what you can accomplish. and you will be proud of what you did.

the biggest loser resort at fitness ridge gave me a new found joy for life. it gave me hope for a better future. it provided me with the tools i needed to continue this healthy lifestyle at home. i will never forget my time spent at this amazing place. as soon as i start making some money, this is the first place i will go back to. everyone needs to go for at least a week! it WILL change your life.

i am worth it. and YOU are worth it.



18 thoughts on “highlights from my trip to malibu

  1. Heather says:

    oh amanda! i am so proud of you and i’m glad you were able to have that experience! loves!

  2. Ari jones says:

    I am going in July! Do you have any tips or packing suggestions?

    • are you going to malibu or utah?! lets see… i brought WAY too much clothes! i usually wore the same outfit all day. you don’t really have time to change throughout the day! i would bring 2 bathing suits (although i only ended up using one!) — malibu can get pretty chilly at night so i’d definitely bring a sweatshirt or two. i used 2 pairs of socks each day. one pair for hikes and another for the rest of the day.

      i would definitely invest in a camelback backpack for the hikes. mine broke on the first day and it made the hiking extra tough! STAY HYDRATED.

      if you’re a coffee drinker, make sure you start giving up caffeine a couple weeks before you go! but honestly, you won’t even notice that you’re caffeine deprived because you won’t have time to think about it!

      i think that’s about it! let me know if you have any more questions when the time comes! 🙂 you are going to LOVE it there!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Love reading your blog! you totally remind me of myself when i first started weight. i was ALWAYS the “i can’t do this” “its too hard” blah blah. But I started my journey and the more I worked at it the more I knew that I CAN do it! I truly believe that if I want anything I gotta work for it and thanks to that I have become not only physically stronger but also mentally stronger and thanks to that I am 125lbs happier. Every pound has stayed off of me for a year and a half!
    never give up amanda…you’ll get there!

  4. Kirsten says:

    I leave for Malibu FR on SUNDAY (Xmas day!) for a week…can you give me a rundown of the schedule? Some people have recommended at least two sets of clothing a day..one for hiking, one for the rest of the day’s exercising…and one for “relaxing” in the evening (or is that called pajamas!?) …so…?? That’s what I’ve sorted out (but have yet to pack) on my floor!
    I’m hoping my knees hold out!
    Please advise, comment and tell more!

    • Amanda Tyson says:

      sooo jealous that you’re going on sunday!!! what a perfect christmas! okay the schedule looks a liiiitttle like this:

      6 am: stretch class (optional)
      7 am: breakfast
      8 am: 2.5 hour hike
      11:15 am: H20 circuit OR stretch class
      12:30 pm: lunch
      1 pm: quick lecture
      2:30 pm: core class
      3:30 pm: cardio intervals
      4:30 pm: H20 intervals OR a different cardio class
      5:30 pm: dinner
      6:15 quick lecture

      honestly, i only used ONE outfit per day… basically just a pair of yoga pants, a tank top and a sweatshirt or workout jacket. i DID however change my socks 2 times a day (one pair just for hiking!) i wore the same clothes all day — hike included! right before dinner i took a shower and changed into something different… usually pajamas! some people liked to get a littttle dressy for dinner, but that was NOT common! keep in mind that even though it’s southern california, it still gets VERY cold!!! i could have used more long sleeve shirts. also, i brought 1-2 pairs of jeans… you’ll want them for weekends!

      let me know if you need anything else!!! i’m here with all the advice you need you are going to have SO much fun!

      • Kirsten says:

        tell me about the hiking…i gather that everyone is split into groups..how? what sorts of hikes? i’ve seen pictures and looked up the ones that were labeled…about how many miles? how much ascending/descending? i’m a decent long distance walker and can do easier ascents, but rocks are my nemesis and my knees and ankles don’t like them (or me the next day)…i have poles that i use on harder hikes…do we know ahead of time what kind of hike we’ll be doing?
        what kind of cardio classes? do you have to run? (again, knees and ankles…)
        how many other people were there when you were there?
        what was your room like? (again, i’ve seen some pics)…
        what did you do after dinner (a short class and then…???)?

    • the hiking is hard stuff! there were approximately 5 groups when i was there. typically, van 1 is the easier hikes and they get more challenging with each number. i was in van 4 and i was struggling! there were 10(ish) people in my hiking group. the hikes range from 4-6 miles depending on how quick your group is. ascending and descending were pretty equal! i had a really hard time with the ascending because some parts were SUPER steep!! going down was difficult on some because of the slippery terrain. they tell you each morning which kind of hike you’ll be doing. the beach hike is everyones favorite!

      there are different types of cardio classes everyday… kickboxing, cardio disco jam, ball works… you don’t HAVE to run, but a lot of people choose to run to challenge themselves! but it’s not long distances… usually 2-5 minutes as fast as you can go. if your knees are a problem, they let you do the arc or the bike!

      there were approximately 60? i don’t know the exact number! my room was AMAZING. i don’t know what kind you have, but i had a private room which was a full bedroom and private bathroom.

      after dinner is different for everyone! you’ll be SO exhausted by the end of the day that you’ll probably fall asleep!!! i stayed up til like 9 with friends but some nights i was asleep by 8! i only turned my tv on ONCE hahaha that’s how exhausted you’ll be!!

      • Kirsten says:

        how many hiking guides? in your blog you said one stayed with you during one hike…
        did you take separate hiking shoes or just use your gym shoes?
        when you say “steep,” how steep? how slippery? eek.

    • Amanda Tyson says:

      each hiking group has 3 guides. one at the front, one in the middle, and one who stays in the back. i used a pair of old gym sneakers for the hikes and my new gym sneakers for the rest of the workouts! your shoes WILL get dirty on the hikes! and… when i say steep, i mean STEEP. hahaha a couple people in my group fell. you really just need to take your time going down. it wasn’t slippery going up, it just killed my calves!

      • Kirsten says:

        cold? in the morning? during hikes? when? i have two long sleeved shirts packed…they’re dry wicking, and i’ve used them hiking before…but when cold?
        are there hairdryers in the room? just a random question as i pack! eek!
        thanks for your help!

      • Kirsten says:

        ok, a packing question:
        are there hair dryers there?
        one pair of shoes for hiking and one for gym workouts??
        what did you wear for the hikes? short sleeved with fleece or long sleeves w/ or w/o fleece?
        i’m sure i’m packing WAY too much…i just don’t know!!

        also, when hiking, did you carry a backpack/water camel or just carry a water bottle? did you use poles? did many people use poles?
        ipod? no ipod? when would i use it?

    • yes, there are hair dryers! one pair of shoes for hiking and a seperate pair for workouts… and flip flops and hanging out shoes. for the hikes i wore yoga pants, t-shirt and a workout jacket. i wouldn’t wear long sleeves because you will get sweaty!

      during the hikes i carried a camel back… that’s what everyone did! i didn’t use poles, however, there were a couple people who felt more comfortable with them…

      i didn’t use my ipod AT ALL. there is music playing during all of the workouts and during the hikes i was talking most of the time…

      email me if you have any more questions so i can respond quicker! atyson241@yahoo.com 🙂

  5. Terri says:

    How many weeks were you there? How much did you lose? I am going soon and am so excited.

  6. janedwellable says:

    Hi Amanda,
    My name is Jane and I’m with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blogs about Malibu to share on our site and I came across your post…If you’re open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

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