a weekend to remember, biggest loser style

where am i supposed to begin? this weekend was… incredible. no, that’s not even a big enough word. this weekend was AMAZING. fabulous. eye opening. BEYOND WORDS. great. the best.

first i’ll give you a daily play by play, then i’ll tell you my thoughts on it all!

saturday, april 28:
started out at 3 am when i had to wake up. then drove 2 hours to the airport… landed in LA at 10:40 am and gathered all my friends!  headed to malibu to visit the biggest loser resort. we were at the resort for their weekly graduation. there were a few tears… went to the malibu cafe for dinner then drove to universal city walk. met up with a few friends and had a couple drinks at saddle ranch. ended the night at the hotel in thousand oaks.

sunday, april 29:
got up early and went straight to point dume for a hike. i think that’s my favorite place to hike. all fitness levels are able to do it and the scenery is literally breathtaking.  we stayed at the beach for a while then got food at some little cafe in malibu… i wish i could remember the name because it was deeeelicious! then i believe we headed to santa monica for dinner with everyone. we ate at a mexican restaurant on the pier. it was so touristy of us… we also played skeeball in the arcade. yep. amazeballs. ended the night at the westin hotel then drove back to our original hotel.

monday, april 30:
by far my favorite day!  started out super early… i was running on empty. got breakfast at subway and went straight to the biggest loser resort for our hike! loaded up the van and headed to sandstone peak! the hike was incredible. it lasted 5 hours… the longest hike i’d ever been on! (remember, this is just a play by play, i’ll share more about this hike down below!) after the hike we went to the biggest loser ranch where the show is filmed. i’d been there plenty of times before so it wasn’t as exhilarating, ha. went out to dinner at the grove with mike (who won the at-home prize for BL 13!) we stayed at the westin that night.

tuesday, may 1:
finale day!! had breakfast at the hotel. got all dolled up. had lunch at the hotel then headed to the studio for the biggest loser season 13 finale! okay that was awesome. went back to the hotel and stuffed my face once again. then the party got started!

wednesday, may 2:
running on zero sleep. went to LAX. had a layover in chicago. landed in maine.

like i said before, this was my favorite part of my trip to california!  i went to LA with a group of people i had met at the biggest loser resort, so we all wanted to tie a hike into our visit. we were able to arrange this with the amazing staff at BLR. we each had to pay and with that we were given 3 hiking guides of our choice, a long hike on a mountain of our choice, a van ride, sweat, tears & memories to last a lifetime!

we chose TJ, amanda & castro to be our hiking guides! it wasn’t a hard decision to make. TJ stayed at the front with the crazy fast people. castro stayed in the middle and amanda was the sweep. each one of them brought something different to the hike. i got to know each of them so well during those 5 hours! and let me tell you… they are the GREATEST.

the VIEW! oh my goodness. we were above the clouds. i kid you not. we hiked the highest point in the santa monica mountains!

that’s easy… the freaking GECKOS. or whatever they’re called!  each time i saw one i had a mini heart attack. those are at the top of my “things that scare me” list… people must have thought i was kidding by the way i was freaking out, but no… it was real fear! it makes me want to puke just thinking about it!

what i took away from this weekend: i can accomplish anything if i put my mind to it. the morning of the hike at sandstone, i really wasn’t feeling it. i was coming up with every excuse to try and get out of it. my fears from hiking back in december were haunting me in my head. i remembered the pain i had been in more so than the feeling of accomplishment. but you know what? i’ve never been more proud of what we all did on that mountain. it was a tough hike! and we ALL finished it!! we had to climb rocks to get to the top of it… i never pictured myself doing that! i was on all fours at one point trying to get to the top. my friends and i have come so far since the last time we were together! we push each other. all i’ve ever wanted was a group of supportive people who know EXACTLY what i’m going through and i’ve finally found them. they’re my family and i love them.

biggest loser resort, thank you for changing my life. you’ve actually SAVED my life. the BLR has helped me tremendously. i never thought i’d be where i am today. the staff has always believed in me and wants to see all of us succeed! my heart is full. i’ve never been more grateful. i’m truly blessed.


3 thoughts on “a weekend to remember, biggest loser style

  1. Yesenia says:

    Great Blog! I am going to the resort in July and I am terrified of the hikes only because I’ve read about snakes, ticks and now gecko’s. LOL!!!

  2. Meg Gazaway says:

    It was an AMAZING time! thanks for putting up with me ROOMIE! I miss you like crazy! Love you Sissy!

  3. Oh Miss Amanda, the life you lead. I know even more great things are coming your way. Never give up on yourself. =)

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