why do YOU exercise?

i think it has already been established that i might be the worst blogger in the history of blogs. okay, maybe not that bad. it’s been a while! but – i’m here now and that’s all that matters!

just a quick update before i get into what inspired me to write tonight in the first place.

i’m doing wonderful!!!! in fact, i can honestly say that i have never been happier in my entire life. i’ve learned so much about myself in the past couple months. it’s been life changing

i’m still working out. i’m still eating healthy.

however, that’s not all that my life is about anymore.

through all of the calorie counting and hours spent in the gym, i came to realize that what i was doing (tracking everything i put in my mouth. posting it on facebook. working out until i burned at least 1000 calories. posting that on facebook) was becoming an unhealthy obsession.

i needed help. so i seeked help! 

and now here i am today. happy & healthy! i have found a healthy balance and have realized that i am exercising and eating right for ME. not for anyone else. i don’t need approval anymore.

i feel free. free from the obsessions. 

now back to what i came here to discuss! 

today as i was leaving the gym, i stopped to talk to a couple of friends. both of whom work in the fitness industry. to put it simply, we talked about how:

everyone has different reasons for exercising.

my gym is an absolutely wonderful place. there are members who are fit. there are members who are overweight. young. old. injured. broken. you name it.

but somehow we are all there. all under the same roof. working towards goals.

some of us are there fighting for our lives.
some are there to heal emotional wounds.  
some are there to gain confidence.
some are there to get buff & ripped.

whatever it may be, we are all there for a reason!

we don’t know each others stories.

most of the members in my gym don’t know that i have lost 90-something pounds. or that i once lacked self confidence. that i used to be afraid to exercise in public. that just the thought of bootcamp classes terrified me. 

most of them don’t know where i started from.

the moral of our little discussion is that we DO NOT KNOW everyones story. so we absolutely should NOT be judging anyone. inside or outside of the gym! this stays true with ANY setting!

we, as human beings, should have no right to judge others.

also, we should NOT waste time comparing ourselves to others.

i can’t tell you how many times a day i get asked the questions: “how much do you weigh?” or “what size are you wearing now?” 

does it matter? i mean… does it REALLY matter?

no. it doesn’t. both size and weight are just numbers.
(believe me, it took me a while to realize this.)

and those numbers don’t reflect who i am.
or how much i have accomplished.
or how good of a person i am.

i don’t exercise for numbers (anymore.)

i exercise because it makes me happy. pushing myself to an uncomfortable place feels INCREDIBLE. there are times when i feel unstoppable. and the feeling i get after a workout is better than anything. working out gives me a high. it stabilizes my mood. it gives me CONFIDENCE! it makes me want to keep going. 

exercising and eating healthy are just a part of my life now! i don’t have to think twice about it. it’s just what i do. and i LOVE it!

everyone has a story.
(that we don’t know.)

everyone has a history.
(that we don’t know.)

everyone has a different reason for exercising.


9 thoughts on “why do YOU exercise?

  1. Chassity says:

    Wow! I began considering to “take the plunge” with my weight loss journey & of course I have made countless excuses and sometimes life gets too busy.
    I want you to know that this blog post has inspired me to go ahead. It’s about ME & it doesn’t matter what the numbers are.
    I believe you’re a strong woman and that in itself is inspiring. You changed your world to what you want and what makes you happy. That’s beautiful.

    I’m so happy for you.

    -Be blessed

  2. Abby says:

    Today I had a regular checkup for my diabetes and while they were weighing me they had the scale set to kilorams- I have no idea what they mean! so while I was meeting with the doctor and discussing things she dropped the topic I dreaded most, WIEGHT. and to my surprise I had lost 10 lbs from my last appointment 3 months ago! all my hard work trying to exercise more and eat a low carb diet paid off and I got results! my doctor said she was really proud of me and that just made me feel so invincible. today I found out that my reason to exercise is to become a healthy individual! not to become like those super skinny stars on tv!(like I wanted before) not bad for a 15 year old!(:

  3. Great post! I have friends who workout for the calorie count. Personally, I workout (mostly run) because I feel so much healthier when I’m in shape. More energy. I watch my distance and speed! I also like to pay a lot of attention to what makes me feel stronger and what doesn’t work for me!

  4. Jo Blogs says:

    This is the healthiest thing I’ve heard you post. And I love it.
    And I’m not taking about health in the physical sense – health in the emotional sense often gets ignored when one wishes to drop some pounds. I was worried about go obsessed you seemed on FB but this post has allayed all my worries! Long may you continue to live such a happy, healthy, fulfilled life xxx

  5. Katrina Watson says:

    So very true Amanda, well said x

  6. Great post! I’ve recently started CrossFit, so I’m meeting loads of new people, but they are always shocked when they find out I’ve lost 70 pounds… you definitely don’t know people’s history! So glad you’ve moved away from being so obsessive, and how exercising is part of your life, rather than being everything!

  7. Colleen says:

    Wonderfully said! I know I want to be HEALTHY, Happy & Strong! Not skinny & unhealthy. People think it’s crazy to workout, I feel great afterwards. Thank you for your words.

  8. Ana. says:

    i think that somthing that is an adiction or a obsetion are only negative things. You can’t be obsesive or adict to something healthy it’s only being to much healthy… just thinking…
    (sorry about my english, i’m from argentina)
    i love reading you.

  9. Julie says:

    Great insights! Keep up your great work, and share when you have time and feel like doing so. Your posts are well worth the wait. :- )

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