kind campaign

i got a fun surprise in my mailbox yesterday. well, i guess it wasn’t actually a “surprise” because i ordered it and was expecting it to arrive at some point today.

my surprise was a beautiful shirt with two beautiful words on it.

be kind. 

my favorite phrase in all of the world.

two words that i use all the time. two words that i wear on my wrist. two words that i preach on a daily basis.

two simple words that saved my life.

as i put on the shirt, i couldn’t help but smile. actually, i didn’t just “smile” – i grinned. i grinned from ear to ear. how is it possible that a shirt could make you feel empowered? because that’s exactly what this shirt did for me. and not only did it make me feel empowered, but it also made me feel beautiful. and worthy. and loved. and special. and strong.

be kind.

you may wonder how those words saved my life.

there was a time, not too long ago, when i was sad. i was unhappy. i was shy & sheltered. i had zero confidence and no motivation to change any of it. i was extremely overweight and had no direction in my life. sure, i had goals, but no plans to achieve them.

i was simply going through the motions of life and not actually living it. i was a senior in college and i was terrified of everything life threw at me.

i was stuck.

not only was i stuck, but i was holding in so much emotion with no way to release it.

this is when the kind campaign first came into my life. almost as if God knew i needed them at that very moment.

i don’t remember exactly how it did & it doesn’t even matter anymore. but when i first “discovered” this amazing organization, i knew i was going to be okay.

the kind campaign opened my eyes to a word filled with young women just like me. young women who had struggled in the past but had come out on top. young women who took their pain and turned it into something positive.

be kind.

it’s what the kind campaign promotes. being kind to others as well as being kind to yourself.

i’d never had a problem being kind to others… it was being kind to myself that i struggled with.

when i was at my lowest, being kind to myself was not an option. i abused myself in all sense of the word. physically, emotionally. you name it. i did things to cause myself pain. i ate until i felt numb. i was a wreck. but at the same time, i knew i needed to work on ME if i wanted to make a change.

it is because of two special young ladies (and all of my KIND sisters) that i’ve miraculously ended up where i am today.

the two special young ladies are lauren paul and molly thompson. lauren and molly are the co-founders of the kind campaign. they are heaven sent. they are two of the most beautiful souls i have ever come across. they are precious gifts to this world.

lauren & molly, a simple thank you does not seem adequate for all you have taught me. thank you for giving me confidence. it is because of you that i now walk with my head held high. it is because of you that i am proud of who i am. thank you for giving me strength. it is because of you that i’ve learned i don’t need anyone else to make me happy and whole. there are no words to explain how grateful i am for you both. it is because of you that i am here… happy and healthy. confident and strong. motivated and inspired. it is because of you that i am alive and well. i owe it all to you, my friends. thank you for giving me a second chance at life just by being such incredible role models. 

so it is with those two little words that i was given back control of my life. i have a purpose. i have worth.

and every time i wear this shirt, it will be a reminder of where i’ve been and where i am today.

be kind to others. be kind to yourself.

“be kind whenever possible. it is always possible.” – dalai lama

xox amanda



4 thoughts on “kind campaign

  1. Gaylon Ritter says:

    Thank you, I needed this today! I hope I find the will to go on just as you have. You give HOPE and Inspiration to those of us struggling to cope with weight issues. You have found the key to success; be kind to yourself! I love your story and follow you on FB and Instagram. Now I will follow your blog too!

    All the Best!

    Gaylon Ritter Dallas, TX

  2. shane says:

    So beautiful inside and out you are! Love following you on your endeavours, they help me keep motivated.
    It’s especially encouraging, because I know my struggles from day, I need to be kept motivated and be around positive people. Also positive mindset..

  3. Katherine Wilkinson says:

    Can I buy one?

  4. Robert Gray says:

    Just wanted you to know that you are such an inspiration. I am so excited to see where God takes you and the plans he has for you. Please keep up the great work. .

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